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Point 65 Club SeaDog Angler

Performance fishing kayak!

When designing the SeaDog Angler, no effort was spared in creating the optimal performance of a 295cm / 9’8’’ sit-on-top fishing kayak, while maximizing comfort and stability.

Equipped for fishing
The SeaDog Angler is packed with “must have” features that kayak fishing requires. From lakes to rivers to the open ocean, this boat has no boundaries. The SeaDog comes equipped with rod holders. Two of which are integrated, flush-mounted behind the seat and one is on a deck mount in front of the paddler. This deck mounted rod holder can be removed and replaced with any compatible hardware of your liking. In addition, the SeaDog is fitted with a dry hatch to accommodate gear under decks.

Performance kayaking
The SeaDog Angler is a high-performance kayak that outdoes most any similar kayak and even many substantially longer and larger ones as well. The ride is stable, comfortable and dry with lots of space for dry bags, fishing gear and other necessities in the tankwell behind the cockpit. The SeaDog also features a practical dry hatch in the front of the kayak.

Comfortable and ingenious backrest
The standard equipped backrest is in itself an innovation worth mentioning. Not only does it offer superior back support and optimizes paddling performance but it is also extremely easy to attach.

Performance is everything
So if design and performance is important this is the perfect kayak. It not only paddles great, it looks the part.


    • Lengde:295 cm
    • Bredde:75 cm
    • Vekt:22 kg
    • Kapasitet:125 kg
    • Garanti:2 år
    • Materiale:Polyetylen
    • Lagerføres i følgende farger:kamuflasje
    • Integrerte stangholder:To stk
    • Ekstra stangholder:To stk


kr 5 500,00 Vanlig pris
kr 3 850,00Salgspris
Farge: camo