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Mistral Kailua SUP Fitness & Yoga Island

The fitness center station which is creating a whole new fitness experience on the water! It has the advantage that when there is current, the whole fitness class stays together as everybody is attached to the station, whereas the anchor will safeguard not drifting away. Perfect for fitness clubs and SUP centers and resorts who are offering classes on the water.

The iFitness Center Tube station is available as a 5 meter inflatable tube which you can easily connect with straps fixed onto D rings to another 5 meter Tube station. The tubes can be used alltogether or separate in parts when the classes are smaller.

SUP Yoga is a fun practice with some serious benefits. Doing yoga on a surface that is constantly in motion fires up your core muscles and strengthens muscles that aren\'t used in everyday practice. You feel the tiny muscles that don\'t activate on the ground whilst practicing on the water.

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